If you have a yellow tongue and a sore throat, it is quite important as it can translate into something deep. You would find that the yellow tongue and sore throat can be due to some kind of infection and knowing about this infection would help you in taking care of it at the earliest. Generally, this combination of yellow tongue & sore throat is due to the buildup of mucus in your mouth and is the work of a certain bacteria. There are several ways through which you can tackle this condition and taking the help of your doctor should be your first step. Your doctor would tell you much about the yellow tongue and relationship with the sore throat and would help you in taking care of the condition.

Checking for Yellow Stuff on Tongue

Checking for the yellow stuff on tongue is the first step towards finding out the nature of this orange color tongue that you have. Through a simple test, you would be able to find out that the reason behind the yellow tongue is an infection or is it the regular buildup of dead cells on the skin. You need to take a simple wooden Q-tip and scrape some coating off your tongue. In case you are not able to take off this yellow stuff on tongue or your tongue starts to bleed when you try to do so, you can easily say that you have a yeast infection. This condition is known as oral thrush and is caused due to the presence of bacteria in your mouth. You would find that the coating would not come off through regular means and you would have to take some particular steps for making sure that your yellow tongue & sore throat are cleaned easily.


In case you have been diagnosed with a yeast infection, the first step for you would be to reduce the activity of the bacteria which are causing this infection. Special types of mouthwash are available for this task and your doctor would be able to advise the best one for you. Yellow tongue treatment is not a hard task and with the right steps and methods, you can easily take care of the yellow tongue & sore throat in a few days.