Tired of those nasty stones down your throat? Suffering from halitosis? Isn’t it time you started to treat yourself better? Several healthcare professionals recommend using Waterpik (curved tip syringe). It’s not only better than other home treatments but also saves you time from flossing. And the good news is that these dental water jets come in various forms, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

When treating tonsil stone with Waterpik, one must be careful not to apply too much pressure as that would definitely lead to blasting those tonsilloliths away and damaging the sensitive areas near your throat. It’s always better to use it at a medium or low pressure.

Fill it up with water and fire. Before you go firing again, have another look, and hit again at those tonsils. Doing this in front of the mirror is always better than solving the problem with a hit and trial method. We all know aiming at the tonsil stones directly is the only way you’re getting all that debris out of your throat and soon it will be ‘goodbye bad breath’ and welcome ‘freshness’!

Consulting your dentist and following a daily oral regimen is probably the best way to go. When used safely, a waterpik is your best bet at removing those stones physically and efficiently.