Gabapentin use among patients with pain problems, depression disorders and epilepsy may be noted with known side effects however there are also known benefits with the use of this drug.

Gabapentin is known to have low-toxicity benefit ratio. According to studies, patients who took up to 49,000 milligrams of this drug have survived and did not cause any fatality. Studies also determined that Gabapentin has an efficacy among certain medical conditions which manifest less benign toxicity factors in a patient. Often times a physician generally evaluates the pros and cons of prescribing a drug which may be very potent but beneficial to a condition as a whole.

This drug is also known to have no dependency risks. Mane clinicians have noted many experiences with patients who are known to use this drug for so many years without being abusive. Efficacy of this drug is still noted with prolonged usage. Although this drug is advised to be used for short term only, reliable patients are known to use this drug for responsible reasons without posing severe threats of abuse of Gabapentin recreational use.

For patients with pain conditions and depression disorders, Gabapentin is very beneficial in that it promotes sleeping. Patients with depression need to maintain calmness. Having enough sleep helps them to rest well and relieves them the feeling of being tired. Most often depressed patients may tend to linger on negative thoughts and in time may even lead them to have suicidal tendencies. If a patient is able to sleep then this eliminates it from happening. A depressed patient may look forward to doing other recreational activities which are beneficial to his disposition in life. Patients who are experiencing pain can also benefit from the anxiety of pain because of sleep. Periodic rest is needed by patients who are in deep pain to avoid the unnecessary exhaustion brought about by pain.

Gabapentin is noted to be generally tolerable in the human body. If there is however onset of side effects, these may be remedied by the patient himself or his physician. The needed use of this drug in certain conditions may be deemed very important in that occurrence of side effects that are tolerated by the patient’s body can be seen as a calculated decision. Both patient and physician should be able to identify the usability and efficacy of this drug in treating a serious condition that needs medical intervention. If these reasons are deemed necessary then the use safe of Gabapentin is considered a solution.