ETOH abuse stands for who is excess abuse of alcoholic. When alcohol addicts stop drinking, some withdrawal symptoms occur. These symptoms may not be in every addict. Severe withdrawal symptoms not seen in 95% of alcohol addicts. Symptoms begin within a few hours (12 hour or less). It reaches highest level in second or third day and it goes lighter fourth and fifth day.

Clinic Symptoms

Autonomic symptoms: sweating, weakness, tachycardia, respiratory acceleration, blood pressure changes, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, loss of appetite.

Neurological symptoms: Speaking dysarthria, increased deep tendon reflexes in the hands, tongue, eyelids, tremors, myoclonic muscle spasms, headache, withdrawal seizures (grand mal seizures), spasmodic contractions of the upper and lower extremities.

Psychiatric symptoms: boredom, restlessness, sleep disturbances, nightmares, short-term hallucinations.

There is no result of a laboratory with diagnostic value includes alcohol withdrawal syndrome. However, each patient who has withdrawal symptoms with physical problems should be investigated. All organ systems should be monitored until recovery of the patient’s clinical presentation and routine tests should take place. If organs non-damaged, mostly all symptoms disappear within a week.

5 Tips for Detox at Home

If you have addiction to substances like cigar or alcohol, detox will help to elimination of toxic substances from your body. You can do basic detox process in your home if you wish.


Everything begins with vision. If you willing to do detox, lift the snacks front of your eyes! Clean your closet from snacks like chips, cola, chocolate, mayonnaise, butter and everything like those kind of food or drink.


Most important step of beginning detox is remove the bread, flour, pasta, rice and pastries from your life.

Fresh Fruits and Fruit Juices

Do not skimp green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits on your kitchen. Specially starting the day with freshly squeezed juices of vegetables will clean your body, helps you make a fresh start to the day.

Lemon Juice

Start the day with 1 glass lemon juice. Start the day with warm water and mix it with lemon and a teaspoon of honey to eat every morning an hour before breakfast. With this system, your body will be cleaned and a relaxed.

Alcoholic Beverages

Learn to say ‘No!’ to the alcoholic beverages. If you decided to do detox but still drinking, it won’t work and you need to stay away from even coffee and tea. During the day, consume green tea is more beneficial at morning and evening.