The best way to describe hemorrhoids id to think of them as varicose veins but inside and outside of the rectum area and they occur due to the same reasons, strain; in the case of hemorrhoids strain during bowel movement such as in the case of diarrhea or constipation but also during pregnancy, anal intercourse or am existing medical condition. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are those hemorrhoids that form a blood clot whether they are internal or external and here are some essential guidelines to recognizing and get a treatment as soon as possible in order to find relief and be healthy again. Internal thromboses hemorrhoids cannot be seen or felt with ease unless they prolapsed and protrude towards the outside of the rectum but some visible symptoms are bright colored, fresh blood in the stool or toilet paper so, if you have been straining lately during bowel movement or have some doubts that you may have internal thrombosed hemorrhoids look out for those symptoms. External thrombosed hemorrhoids can be seen, felt on touch and also experience the following: itching, burning and pain along with bleeding in the stool, on the toilet bowl and/or toilet paper.

Treatment For Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

After consulting your doctor to ensure that you have thrombosed hemorrhoids you will be offered the following choice of treatment: to drain the blood or to remove them by surgery depending on your case. For fast relief from itching, burning and pain try medicated wipes that can be bought over the counter in drug stores as well as creams and ointments for long lasting relief during the night or when at work. Preparation H is a known over the counter hemorrhoids relief what can be found in the form of medicated wipes and creams to use as desired; wipes can also be found in individual sachets that can fit in a wallet, pocket and purse with ease.

Preventing hemorrhoids altogether is ideal and you can do so by ensuring you eat a balanced diet with enough fiber for your type of metabolism, weight, age and present state pf health that can only be decided by your doctor. Learning to understand and feel your body will also help greatly in recognizing symptoms when they appear, which are essential in order to start a treatment as soon as possible. Hemorrhoids are fully treatable and not a fatal disease unless left untreated for long periods of time when diseases such as cancer can develop from it.


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